Vietnam Cat Tuong Trading Joint Stock Company would like to commit that 100% of the company’s products put on the market are warranted according to the company’s policy.

Warranty conditions:

– The product has a warranty period, counting from the date of issuing the sales slip on the management system of Vietnam Cat Tuong.

– The warranty stamp on the product is not peeling.

– The product is intact without being hit, broken, in water or showing signs of external force.

– For products warranted by serial number, the serial number code must be intact, with no sign of scraping, erasing, or fading.

– For Forter computer mouse accessories 1 change 1 in 24 months and free warranty support for 2 months from the warranty expiration date.

– For computer speakers, after using for 1 month, if any problems arise, customers will be supported to replace 100% of new accessory circuit boards.

Conditions of disclaimer of warranty:

Product has an expired warranty. The warranty stamp is torn, the warranty stamp is no longer, the warranty stamp is overwritten, or the warranty stamp is modified (including the original warranty stamp).

– Arbitrarily opening the product, repairing it by individuals or technicians who are not store employees.

– The product is on fire, explosion or damage due to mechanical impact, deformation, falling, breaking, impact, scratches, damage due to moisture, rust, water leakage, animal intrusion, natural disaster, fire.

– Damage for specific cases such as products with bent or broken legs, cracks, breaks, fires, explosions, dents, rusted circuits, oxidation.

– Products are not purchased from the company or its agents.

– No warranty for accessories such as chargers, adapters, connection cables, case, switch buttons, power cords, remote controls, free products with promotions.

Notes during warranty submission:

– Shipping process: Customers can send products to the company in the form of Courier, or come directly. Immediately after receiving the goods, determining the cause of the error Vietnam Cat Tuong will contact you again to inform the product status and warranty method for customers.

During the warranty period, if the goods are faulty on the customer’s side, the customer must be responsible for all related costs .

Information about Vietnam Cat Tuong Trading Joint Stock Company:

Head Office:


Address: House 1-10, Palm Garden Villas, Viet Hung Urban Area – Viet Hung Ward – Long Bien District – Hanoi.


Hotline: 0918052979

MST: 0106102227

Southern branch:


Address: 103/21 Lo Sieu, Ward 16, District 11, Ho Chi Minh City

Hotline: 0918052979

MST: 0314572914