Delivery process:

Vietnam Cat Tuong Trading Joint Stock Company will perform flexible delivery according to each specific request and order between the two parties. We will deliver the goods according to the customer after receiving the order from the buyer and confirming the purchase information by phone or email.

We accept orders and deliver to all locations across the country. All goods shipped to the customer’s destination will be carefully packed

and include relevant documents such as warehouse release note, warranty card, VAT invoice (if required).

Delivery time:

1. For the area of ​​Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City:

– Vietnam Cat Tuong Trading Joint Stock Company will deliver nationwide. When receiving orders from the buyer and after confirming the purchase information by phone, we will proceed to deliver the goods according to the customer’s request.

– Shipping costs will be borne by the customer or depending on the value of the order, we can support free shipping.

– Goods will be guaranteed to be delivered within the day if customers order in the morning.

– If you order in the afternoon or evening, the goods will be delivered the next day.

– Or customers can request delivery within a certain time.

2. For customers in other provinces:

– Depending on each order and specific location, Vietnam Cat Tuong Trading Joint Stock Company will charge you according to the agreement with the lowest fee or depending on the value of the order can support free delivery.

– Delivery time: From 2 to 5 days depending on the location of the customer (Note: For orders that need to be placed in advance, the delivery time may be longer.)

– Delivery time: from 9:00 to 16:00 every day of the week except Sunday and public holidays and New Year.

– Means of transportation: Motorcycles, tricycles, trucks of all kinds, passenger cars, or COD ship through transportation units…

Normally, after receiving order information, we will process the order within 24 hours and respond to customer information about payment and delivery. Delivery time is usually within 3-5 days from the date of closing the order or as agreed with the customer when placing the order.

Responsibilities of Vietnam Cat Tuong during transportation:

Responsibility for processing orders and shipping products to customers depends on the form of warehouse purchase or door-to-door delivery for the products selected by the customer when creating the order.

Vietnam Cat Tuong Trading Joint Stock Company will be responsible for ensuring that customers receive the goods exactly as ordered within the delivery time as committed. In case the goods are defective or damaged during transportation by Cat Tuong Vietnam, we will be responsible for exchanging new goods for customers.

Information about Vietnam Cat Tuong Trading Joint Stock Company:



Address: House 1-10, Palm Garden Villas, Viet Hung Urban Area – Viet Hung Ward – Long Bien District – Hanoi.


Hotline: 0918052979

MST: 0106102227

Southern branch:


Address: 103/21 Lo Sieu, Ward 16, District 11, Ho Chi Minh City

Hotline: 0918052979

MST: 0314572914